Bicycle Card

There was a family at the center I work where I had the the fortune to teach both of their children. The family had touched me so much that it was hard when they left the center. So, I made a going away card for them and a few teaches and I signed it letting them know how much we care about them and that they will be missed. The younger sibling in the family was in my classroom at the time and really liked riding bikes so I made them a bike card. I wish I had a little more time to work on it, my cricut machine was acting up and there are a few pieces missing on the bicycle.

IMG_1208 IMG_1209

Supplies I used:


  • Brown, White, and Yellow Plain Card Stock
  • Pattern Paper: Strips, Leaves, Stars and Dots.


  • Heart and 1″ Corner Rounder Punch
  • Distress Ink: Vintage Photo
  • Paper Cutter
  • Black Micro Pen
  • Adhesive and Pop Up Dots

This is the card where I got my idea from and blow is a link to the blog where you can get some more ideas.

card sms hooray 1


Thank You Card

Our dog had recently gone missing for a total of 5 days before we found him. Turns out this older couple had taken him in and kept him safe and happy while we were on the hunt for him. This is the thank you card I made for them for taking such great care of him and helping us to be reunited with him again.

Supplies: Blue and white ribbon, brown ribbon, distress ink vintage photo, thank you stamp, paw print stamp, adhesive, pop dots, white gel pen, black gel pen, 1″ corner rounder punch, Create a Critter cartridge: Dalmatian cut out at 2.5″, bone pattern, white and black card stock.

IMG_1299 IMG_1300

Happy Halloween and Have a Whale of a Time!

I have a friend in Washington whose favorite animals are whales. So I am on a mission to send her a whale card for every holiday. Here is my Halloween Whale Card. Halloween is one of my favorite to collect scrap booking supplies for, I even have a whole section just for it. So for this card I used varies pieces of scraps, cricut cartridges Mini Monsters and Create a Critter, white gel pen, adhesive and pop dots


Hop to It

Another task I am working on is making a card for each of the imagines in my create a critter cartridge. This time a I used the frog imagine.


The frog and lily pad are both 2.5 inches with a shadow around it. For the lily pad shadow I just made it larger and cut it to fit. The frog is embossed and distressed. Here is the paper I used:

Dark green, yellow, light green, brown, black and a yellow design. Supplies I used include:

A paper cutter, my big shot with sizzix medium dot embossing folder, distress inks: Pealed Paint and Vintage Photo, distress ink tool, Circut tools, brown ribbon, 1 inch corner rounder, adhesive runner and pop dots. The following picture is the inside of the card distressed on white paper.



Pretty in Silver

Back in August I made a birthday card for my boyfriend’s birthday. His favorite color is silver which makes life difficult when I am making him stuff. The night before I went through ALL of my scrap booking supplies to find everything that I had in silver, not grey. The pile was very small and I am trying not to buy new supplies until I have used up a good portion of what I have. On the inside of the card I made it to hold a gift card as well, which I ended up loosing.

Front of the Card


I went through my container of assorted letters and lined up all the silvers “h”s and “a”s and so on. I ended up with 5 different styles of silver letters. I then had to see which ones could actually spell out the words. These two styles were the only ones that worked and I am happy with it because I felt like out of all the choices they went together the best.


Inside of the Card

IMG_0943 IMG_0942

Ten Cards for Brielle

I started this project back in January 2013 and finally finished it in July of 2014. I made ten different cards for one of my best friends since middle school. Each of them have a “mini story” of different things that we did/happened to us during our middle-high school years. Since July I have been mailing one out each week to her and I have been waiting to post this on my blog because she didn’t know about it and she is one of my followers. I’m sure she has caught onto me by now, however she doesn’t know how many cards she’ll be getting (except for now cause I’m posting about it, spoiler alert). Each week after she gets it I will update this post and add it onto my blog that way it’s not TOO much of a spoiler alert :).

Card #1: I’m All Ears




Card #2 Hello Friend




Card #3 Pretty in Pink



Stomach Flu

I’ve been sick the last week with the stomach flu :(.  However, the last couple days when I was starting to feel better I was able to work on this little project.  I use to work in a craft store so I was able to buy this large canvas that got a hole in at a great discounted price.  So I’ve made it into a college of stuff of my boyfriend, dogs and me.  This smaller canvas (4×6) will be added onto and yes I am (now) aware that I spelled November wrong.  I put it aside and was going to fix it but I am dyslexic and silly little mistakes like this happen all the time with me.  So since this is a college about us I figured that I am going to leave it the way it is because it represents me for who I am.  Anyways enjoy. 🙂Image